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The freight charges for the consignments couriered by DTDC is based on Volumetric measurements, which are arrived as per the weight of consignment in comparison with the space the consignment would occupy for transporting and the freight charges are levied on the basis of the rates that are higher.

DTDC calculates the volume of consignments and also weighs the consignment. Between the charges to be levied as per weight of the consignment and the charges due as per the volume dimensions of the consignment, whichever is greater, is taken into consideration for fixing freight charges.


For Air Express and Air Cargo

Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 6000

For Surface

Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 4750

For International

Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 5000

For R-Express booking under Priority product, if any dimension of the parcel exceeds 110 cms, then 2 times the weight (Gross or Volumetric) whichever is more is directly charged to the customer as the railway authorities charge the same.

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