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The IATA has prescribed a list of items that are considered to be dangerous and hence are banned from being transported through courier services. The Dangerous Food Regulations Act has put severe restrictions on the items that are listed below and hence, they are completely banned from being shipped. The State Government too has confirmed that it is illegal to ship the following goods:

  • Any goods in liquid, half-liquid or gas format
  • Money
  • All articles that are considered illegal as per Indian Postal Act
  • All stones that are considered precious and semi-precious and other jewels
  • Items that are easily perishable
  • Items with radioactive quotient
  • Financial instruments that are negotiable in nature
  • Obscene material
  • Sodexo passes
  • Explosive material
  • Items that easily catch fire
  • Poisonous material
  • Items corrosive in nature
  • Chemical substances
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Industrial and machinery items like fuel, batteries and grease
  • All items considered illegal as per IATA

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