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DTDC is a courier service whose brand image and positioning are well established. This company operates with sound principles and quality standards with the help of modern technology. DTDC is known for delivery of goods in time, while this Courier Company ensures reliability, safety and security in respect of every consignment it couriers, while the conditions of service of transportation are established by clearly defined terms and conditions in the Consignment Note.


DTDC’s tracking system is very reliable. It works with a particular software called Consignment Tracking and Billing System, CTBS, which enables its tracking of consignments with absolute accuracy. The company is focused on its delivery deadlines and hardly, there would be any delay in the delivery schedule with it. Total transparency is maintained in its tracking system, facilitating the customer to verify the movement details on line and its feedback observations keep its clients totally involved in their operations.


The safety aspect of the consignment is another significant feature of DTDC operations, as its CTBS system enables them to follow the movement of consignment right from the stage of pick up through the time of delivery, ensuring the Proof of Delivery at the right place. This process is carried out with a number of records generated through Internet and the damages to consignment if any occurring during its journey is identified and informed to DTDC through its tracking system.


The Security aspect of the consignment is ensured through restrictions imposed by DTDC while receiving the consignment for transport. The banned and prohibited items are not accepted as a matter of principle and even in respect of regular customers, random checks are made for ensuring security. Going with the regulations of cargo movement in airline carriers, DTDC also insists on written declaration for booking consignments to eliminate the possibility of hazardous consignment items. Any goods or parcels not conforming to Security requirements will be rejected right at the time of booking.

Conditions of Carriage

DTDC observes the following conditions of carriage:

  • For connection of consignments and mode of transport, the provisions of the original contract between the consignor and DTDC as defined in the Consignment Note, shall apply with regard to the modes of transport in which DTDC chooses to move the consignment.

DTDC is free to use any alternative mode or route for taking the consignment to the agreed destination as exigencies of circumstances may require from time to time.

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