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After realizing the requirement to cater and serve the base of niche clients that includes various corporate clients, insurance companies, banking, financial institutes and multi-nationals, an exclusive priority product service has been introduced by DTDC.

This product receives very special attention and focus in the matters of its various destinations deliveries done. A special and unique operating procedure has been followed for it that includes:

  • For the purpose of handling, a separate team is there.
  • Dedicated premium service routes and line-hauls to provide fastest turnaround and connection times.
  • Ability to cater and deal with bulk volumes of products as per the need of corporates.
  • Enhanced automation for managing complete flow process from the doorsteps of the customers till the last destination delivery.
  • Options available to handle the products based on shipments sensitivity.
  • Ability to deal with cargo and handle documents as per customers need.
  • Visibility through single window on MIS, support and tracking information, as required by the product customers within a time duration of 24 or 48 hours (as per the destination).


  • High priority and definite service of day for important and urgent packages and documents.
  • Service available via express, surface and Air modes.
    • Priority Air: the shipments handling cargo will be delivered by Air.
    • Priority Surface: the shipments handling cargo will be delivered by Rail/Road.
    • Priority Express: the packages handling documents will be delivered by the available mode of fastest express.
  • Customized services available to meet corporate clients’ timey needs.

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