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The Plus Courier service from DTDC ensures that couriers booked through them are delivered to the respective destinations, right after the day of booking. Moreover, if deliveries do not happen during the next day, DTDC will be refunding the entire amount to the customers, without deducting even a meagre amount. The goods that are sent through this service are carefully packed in fool-proof packages that ensure full protection to the goods. Email and SMS notifications are sent to the concerned parties once the goods are picked up for delivery and are actually delivered.

In this service, goods that are booked for courier or cargo through DTDC Plus Courier Services are delivered the next day itself in the respective destinations, except in cases where next day happens to be a national or local holiday there. Inter Zone and Intra Zone services are available in this facility. While the services offered in Intra zone include city plus, the services offered in intra zone include plus services at the metro and national level. Goods with a maximum weight of 10kg and value of 25000 INR can be booked through this Plus Courier service.

Once the goods are safely delivered, the company sends email and SMS notification to the concerned parties. Users can also send an SMS to 09845324040 with their source and destination PIN codes to know the whereabouts of their package.

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