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All passengers travelling by air to countries around the Atlantic Ocean should carry only a maximum baggage weighing 64 kg, which should be split between 2 pieces of not more than 32kg each. Passengers travelling to European, Far East and Asian countries have a maximum baggage limit of 23 kg only. If passengers carry over and above the prescribed limit qualifies for excess baggage, then charges are to be incurred by them.

In reality, the charges that are prescribed by the airline authorities for carrying excess baggage is very high. This is where passengers who choose DTDC for sending their courier are in for some benefits because DTDC takes up the entire excess baggage charges that are levied by the authorities. Customers who book DTDC network get real value for their money as their goods are safely delivered at the destination in the foreign country.

There are certain items that that banned by all courier networks including DTDC. They are perishable items, highly inflammable items, fire arms, fuel, gases, gun powder, cooking fuel etc. Cosmetic items and toiletries are strictly prohibited in the baggage that is sent through air. Other sensitive items that are banned are gas cylinders, bleach, sprays, chemicals, tear gas etc. The Baggage department of DTDC strictly prohibits items of these kinds.

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