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Now customers can avail benefits of unique technology backed quality service of DTDC which has been incorporated with perfect infrastructure solution that ascertain that all services can be enjoyed to the best extent possible.

Extremely sophisticated IT capabilities assure customers can find the consignment tracking enjoyable experience. It guarantees for thorough accuracy and they are assured of complete information on each and every stage of consignment since booking till delivery time. Customers get the updates and details of all stage easily on the web for their reference purpose. With best of customized solutions every corporate client is given great value service. Such services are tailor-made so that they easily meet their specific needs of firm represented for which latest support tool are provided to them by the means of Management Information System (MIS) available to them. Its notable advantage is that it provides instant automated reports to ensure large number of shipments is tracked without doing any additional effort.


Those choosing priority services are provided with ultimate web based DTDC E-Notify solution. All customers willing to have such special services are advised to put the shipment numbers besides the rest information required from emails to other information for notification type. They are therefore given information about delivery or exception whatever they want to know. This service notifies the customers automatically and keeps updating about a consignment’s latest status. Information can be of delivered consignments or in other status like not delivered, held up and or RTO if it is instructed for return to origin in case customer wanted that.

Corporate Tracker

Web based tracking solution is exclusively developed for the corporate clients which is named DTDC Corporate Tracker. The service isn’t offered to any individual client as its main aim is to offer one bulk services for which such service is offered to cater to the regular basis client services. Customers receive secure Login and password facility to avail this service. This service is customized in the DTDC Customer portal for an easy access and for fast load status tracking. Corporate clients can use this platform to get the details of single or bulk load status for consignments and also history for certain time period if required. It is too easy to avail this service as only internet connection is needed to visit website with easy accessibility for that one doesn’t need an additional effort to install software.

Bulk Tracker

Both DTDC Channel Partners and Corporate Customers are facilitated with DTDC Bulk Tracker facility which is a special tracking solution exclusively meant for them. This service offers them an ultimate solution to do an entirely hassle-free tracking. Customers use DTDC Customer portal for this purpose and upload an excel sheet that contains complete shipment list that be maximum 500 Consignments in one go to find instant information on all. Latest consignment status is provided to the customers for each and every consignment listed through individual email notifications.


Those customers not interested to obtain details from the browser are offered this typical DTDC E-Tracker service that remains an ultimate Tracking solution for them. They are provided details of the consignment through this unique service. Customers are advised to install this unique desktop-based application on the individual system of theirs. Although not focused at but customers are advised to follow the instruction to avail information about consignment status through going online. Once they are ready they are told to point the computer mouse on an icon seen in the icon on desktop to get to know the exact status. Once done, a small online window opens and that displays information of complete status of deliveries or shipment status whatever information required.


One desktop based customized service is DTDC Tech-Mailer that facilitates services like the services of easy booking, forward solutions and printing amongst others. Most notable benefit of this unique solution is that a customer can easily book and print shipment numbers to too many consignments faster and in ease at their ones’ own home or office that too by spending least time. Customers are advised to install the specific software for this purpose to get benefitted from this application service to be installed on a standalone desktop which must be properly connected to internet so that it is easily connected to DTDC server under proper synchronization. Such application can run in an offline mode as well once its basic setup gets installed. Users can print consignment stickers by this unique service in any of the print formats on likes by using various printers one is connected with.


Offering complete mailroom solution, the DTDC MailRoom service is unique solution that makes it easy for you to keep track of small, medium and larger category of corporate mailroom solutions you might seek. As this service facilitates network enabled application it offers best client-based service. This service required the customers to install and configure specific solutions on computer for the functioning of this service. It has seamless inbound and outbound support solutions.


Offered an exclusive online booking solution meant for the registered customers, DTDC Webshipping is another attraction of sorts for ultimate service. Customers are facilitated with the service of easy sending of domestic and international location consignments for that pickup is processed from the customer’s premises. It therefore literally ends all sorts of hassles. The solution is an entirely unique solution of thorough BOOK+PRINT+PAY option. Customers may use credit cards to make payment for the delivery amounts to be charged.


One of the mail solutions for customers, DTDC E-Courier has become sought after choice nowadays. Mention recipient’s address when sending email to e-courier@dtdc.com for this service which DTDC prints and send to your receiver’s address at the desired option chosen.

Web Pickup

Provided a completely online pickup solution for customers, DTDC Web Pickup is unique solution for customers introduced recently. As a customer you need to use DTDC web portal to request for the pickup request and submit that. The sooner your submission completes successfully, it is forwarded to the pickup office of designated for that purpose. Shipments are picked up by the DTDC executives within a stipulated time from customer’s premises to complete the whole task.


One of the Green-Initiatives by DTDC courier, this service is exclusive for both Channel partners and all types of Corporate customers. They are provided with login and password to use on the portal so that they can have an overview of the invoices of current and previous transactions which have been done any time and get updates easily. Those customers in the authorized category have easy options to download invoices and if they require they may initiate printing option as well.

E- Compliance

Both corporate customers and channel partners can use DTDC E-Compliance platform for a purpose of all sorts of web-based complains as one of the forums to use. It doesn’t require the customers to install any application in systems. Customers can have direct access to the portal and register their specific complaints of any kind including those for services concerned. Unique complaint numbers are assigned for tracked purpose. Such numbers provide thorough information on communications held and its history since start to end. The support matrix alongside age-wise options is additional choices which customers can avail.

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