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DTDC, not only has an effective courier network, but also is quite impressive when it comes to solutions offered through e-Commerce. This has been possible through a supportive and professional team that has been working alongside DTDC to offer good solutions and incorporate customer feedback on real-time basis, in order to help them come up with some of the practical shipping solutions to move forward in their business.

It is only natural that the strengths of DTDC like automated systems for knowing about shipment status and courier service have been augmented by the fact that there is a strong e-commerce network been backing them. The effective delivery solutions offered by DTDC are a result of the efficient technology adopted by DTDC coupled with the matchless services. These entire features make E-shipping a pleasurable process, when it is done through DTDC.

Generation of Way Bill Online

These e-commerce solutions offered by DTDC have given way to the evolution of a bar code, which is nothing but an automated way bill. This online process of generating way bill increases the accessibility of using e-commerce as the process becomes really simple and comprehendible.

Few of the Important Features of the DTDC E Commerce Solutions

  • Online address book can be used effectively to store new addresses by deleting the old ones.
  • Track packages.
  • Scheduled on-time pick up of courier.
  • Personalized quotes for different rates are made possible.
  • Personalized shipment reports are possible.
  • One Airway online bill can be used to ship multiple units.
  • Use of an online way bill eradicates the need for entering the different groups of recipients to which the shipment has been sent, each and every time.
  • Personalized reports of all kinds.

Address checking tool, goes back and cross checks if the destination and shipping address are the same, every time an order is placed.

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