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The services of domestic packages are designed to meet the time-sensitive needs of the customers. The components are:


Basic services are provided by DTDC Lite for handling the deliveries in India in cargo and express mode. Two services are offered in this:

  • The services of Domestic Express are for delivering small parcels and documents.
  • Domestic Cargo Services are for delivering heavy consignment which needs special arrangements like dedicated manpower, equipment of material handling and bigger vehicles. It ensures the priority deliveries in both surface modes and air modes at very optimal costs.


The value added services (VAS) has the following points:

  • Collect on deliver (C.O.D): “Invoice value” for the products on these items dispatched are collected at delivery time from the product consignee.
  • To-Pay or Freight on Deliver (F.O.D): “Courier or freight charges” for such product of the shipment or consignment are also collected at deliver time from the product consignee.
  • Mentioned Piece: “Delivery of declared personal or valuable items” for this product that is delivered via customized process that ensures complete security and safety of the package that is tendered.

Intracity includes pick-up facility and the facility of delivery of products in the same place. It is a custom-built process including the following distribution:

  • Bulk documents like insurance or mobile bills, general annual reports and bank statements.
  • Invitation cards, direct mailers, pamphlets and many more.

Tech mailer providing the effecting management process of bulk and mass consignment is an art solution. Following are the key benefits of it:

  • Smart dispatching of bulk and mass mailer to various pan-India locations.
  • Accurate and fast delivery and processing.
  • Instant booking of products using the stickers that are bar coded with the address labels.
  • Smooth delivery and pick-up service through Management Information System (MIS).

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