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The head office or the regional offices at various locations have enquiry forms for various services that are offered by DTDC and their terms and conditions. Courier status is a special kind of service, through which customers can know about various kinds of information like the courier plans, tariffs applicable for different areas, tracking mechanism and the methods to track various kinds of courier and cargo that has been dispatched. This is quite handy information for the general public because they get to know the exact details about the plans and charges needed to be paid.

The courier tracking system is one of the key functionalities of DTDC and through this system passengers can get real updates about where their courier goods or cargo has reached and how long it would take for the same to reach the actual destination. The Shipment number or the number that is got as acknowledgement at the time of booking their courier is all that is needed to track the courier. This number can either be submitted to the regional post offices or DTDC centers or can be keyed-in the official portal of DTDC in the courier tracking section.

With the penetration of technology, online courier tracking is followed by many customers today. The details of the latest status of the courier is displayed within seconds of entering the shipment number. Irrespective of the part of the world the courier has been sent to, it is possible to track the courier with this number. All details about the cost involved for this service is mentioned in the main home page section.

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It is possible to track down the courier information through SMS service as well. The details about the numbers and method of sending the SMS is listed below:

Type DTDC leave a space and enter the Consignment number and send it to 9845324040.

  • For example, “DTDC D05045569” and send it to 9845324040
  • For checking the address of a PIN code, type PIN, leave a space and send it to 9845324040
  • For example, “PIN 400066” and send it to 9845324040

To check services in a particular area and to know if service is available at all in area type city, leave a space and send it to 9845324040.

  • For example, “CITY MUMBAI” and send it to 9845324040

Apart from these online and messaging services, there are 24/7 customer care helpline numbers that are available for checking the status of their courier consignment or letters. There are numerous other search engines through which the status of a DTDC courier consignment can be tracked. However, there are some nominal charges that are applicable for the same.

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