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Among the many large and popular mail and courier service providers such as DHL, FedEx, Gati, First Flight that have established strong domestic and international presence, DTDC Courier Services has grown and become one of the largest delivery networks in India in the past 22 years. Though DTDC has strong competition from small local courier companies, it has managed to stay ahead of competition through its wide network and tie-ups. DTDC courier services are available in many of the remote locations that are otherwise unreachable by regular posts or other courier companies. So since 1990, DTDC has expanded its reach and is servicing not only cities and metros, but also the remote and rural areas, which gives it an edge over competitors.

Apart from domestic courier services, DTDC courier services are available for international parcels and mail to nearly 250 international locations through a network of approximately 4500 international partners. Customers can even use the online facility of DTDC courier services to send a mail or parcel anywhere in India or abroad.

DTDC presently operates through its 176 owned Regional Offices and Branch Offices & more than 5,000 Franchisee Offices spread across the country under the control of its Corporate Office in Bangalore.

DTDC has branches all over India and the major ones are DTDC Mumbai, DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon and DTDC Kolkata. These are the four head offices in the respective regions. Each branch has several sub-branches and each is responsible for regulating the DTDC plus courier services and other activities by complying with the directives of the main branch. They are in turn connected to the respective head offices of DTDC. The head office looks after the management in terms of work delivery and financial accounting. DTDC courier services in Delhi is one of the four head offices in the country. This main office of DTDC courier services in Delhi serves the areas around the national capital. Just like DTDC courier services in Delhi, there is a DTDC courier service in Gurgaon.  Just as in other cities and town, DTDC courier services in Delhi offer the option of picking up the parcel or mail from your specified location. Alternatively, you can find the nearest center of DTDC courier service in Delhi on the website (www.dtdc.in). On the website, you can find other useful information such as fees and charges, terms and conditions of delivery, payment options, branches, partners etc. You can even track your package throughout the delivery. Besides all this information, the Internet gives you access to the several mixed reviews about the services provided by DTDC courier services in Delhi – ranging from satisfied to highly dissatisfied customers, complaints ranging from misplaced to stolen to damaged consignments.

To deliver its mails and parcels, DTDC courier services uses airways, roadways and railways for moving their consignments from one place to another. This makes it easier for the company’s on-time delivery feature.

Customer care service has an important role in the success and business activities of DTDC courier services. Free, prompt and round-the-clock customer service help DTDC grow its customer base domestically as well as internationally, gain the good will of customers and effectively keep a check on competition.

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