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DTDC is one of the most popular and leading companies providing courier service throughout the world. Besides, it also the most trusted of brands for courier service. If you have sent your courier through DTDC courier service, you need not worry about its safety on the way. The company owns around 281 offices and more than 5800 franchisees throughout the country regulated by the respective regional offices. The latest service of DTDC Company is to provide tracking options to the customers thus making reducing their worries for the consignment. It is now possible to keep a check on the consignment through SMS or online or through e-mail, as convenient to you.

The DTDC Courier tracking is an additional service provided by DTDC Courier Status Service. This service enables the customer to track the posted letters or parcel and obtain info about whether it has reached the desired destination or not. With this service provided by DTDC, it is possible to locate mails or shipments by just providing the number along with the details to the postal department.

The very recent update in courier tracking service is the facility of online DTDC courier tracking because of increasing awareness of internet. This requires the customer to enter the item number of the consignment into the DTDC courier track search engine and wait to see the results. The search engine system of DTDC Courier helps in tracing the consignment in any part of the world. However, certain fee is charged for this service by the standard DTDC Courier. Detailed info about DTDC courier charges can be obtained from the home page of the service.

Besides the online DTDC courier tracking service, customers can also get information about their shipment’s exact location through the customer care service. The key steps involved in DTDC courier tracking are:

Tracking Online DTDC Courier Status

  • Open the DTDC courier tracking page
  • Enter your shipper’s ref no. or the consignment number in the given box
  • Click the GO button


  • If, however, the shipment number does not begin with an alphabet, ensure adding X before the shipment number.
  • If you want to track multiple shipments, enter 10 shipments to the maximum, separated by a comma.
  • If the consignment number contains any asterix (*), it should be removed from the number.

Tracking DTDC Courier Status Through SMS

  • SMS “DTDC Consignment No.” to the mobile number 9845324040.


  • It is essential to give one space amid ‘DTDC’ and the ‘Shipment number.’

The key function operating behind this service is the DTDC Web Tracker. This is a Web based solution to track the shipments, usually suitable for non frequent or low volume customers. Interestingly, there is no need to install any software to track the consignment. All that is required to track your shipment is just a system with an internet connection. Surprisingly, you can track as much as 25 consignments at a time, separated by a comma. It is, therefore, completely safe to send your mail or consignment through DTDC for you can, at anytime, track the sent parcel and ensure that it reaches safely.

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